Biosensors + Softrobotics for Environmental Monitoring

Jellyfish Biorobotics is a biotech startup whose goal is the creation of the next generation of biorobots for environmental monitoring through the integration of biosensors, soft robotics and software engineering. The perfecting of these biorobots will allow the collection of precise data from water bodies contaminants (heavy metals, oil, arsenic) through a digital interface which sends data to our cloud platform.


New techniques in Synthetic Biology enable the design and construction of novel artificial biological pathways, organisms or devices, or the redesign of existing natural biological systems.

Using these techniques, we can engineer a bacteria to sense specific chemicals in its environment.

In fact, we can give the bacteria the ability to detect specific contaminants and to generate an output signal.

To achieve this, a plasmid containing genetic information is inserted into the bacteria.

In presence of a specific contaminant, the bacteria produces bioluminescent proteins, creating a glow.

In the abscence of the contaminant the bacteria stops producing luminiscent proteins. Now we have a full biosensor.

Then, we can integrate the biosensor with a mechatronic system.

FishBot 0.1 is our first prototype of robotic fish designed and engineered using biomimetics, softrobotics and synthetic biology techniques. It incorporates a soft materials mechanism called “BWDM” (Biomimetic Wire-Drive Mechanism).

Luis E. Flores
Hardware/Robotics Lead & Co-founder
Julio E. Valdivia
Bioinstrumentation Lead & Co-founder
Carlos E. Venegas
Software Engineering Lead & Co-founder
Humberto Delgado
Graphic Design & Corporate Identity